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A jäynä is a well-intended prank or a practical joke and a joyful embodiment of the student culture in Finland. It’s an activity that amuses not only the prankster and the prankée but also the general public. Ideate your own and take part in the wackiest competition of the year!

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The 34th Jäynä Competition is on!

All AYY members can take part in the Jäynä Competition with a team consisting of 1-8 persons and 1-3 jäynäs which are all considered separate entries to the competition. Documentation regarding jäynäs that are taking part in the competition are to be submitted to the judges by 11:04 on 11.04.2021, when the jäynäing time is over. Any jäynäs executed or documented after this date are however eligible to take part in the next Jäynä Competition. Teams are to announce their participation to the competition latest 12 hours before executing the jäynä.



Image: Helsingin Sanomat

In 2016, the trophy for the most valuable police work was given to a traffic camera at Kehä I, when innovative tech students decorated as the “the police of the year”. This prank was universally amusing to everyone, including to the police themselves.

The Jäynä Finalé and prizes

The 34th Jäynä Competition reaches its peak at the Jäynä Finalé held the 22th April 2021. The wappu celebrators of Otaniemi are treated with recordings of the finalist jäynäs, various skits, quizzes and other exciting content. At the end of the Jäynä Finalé the judges choose the winners of the 34th Jäynä Competition, who take home amazing prizes to be published later. They are also given the honor to represent Otaniemi in the annual National Jäynä Competition! In addition to this all participating teams get to enjoy the Finalé at VIP seats.


A successful jäynä starts with a solid idea and careful background work. How to set up the jäynä? How do you assure the target? What’s the twist? How to make it fun?


Well done is half the victory: a winning idea comes to life with careful execution and a sprinkle of inspiration. What tools or other material do you need? How do you split roles within your team?


A successful jäynä turns into a winning jäynä with well-thought documentation so that the process and the feeling grips the crowd. You can document with audio, video, photos, or whatever comes to mind!


Finally all you need to do is to submit the spectacular jäynä to the competition and send it to the judges. The finalists are announced later in the spring, but all participants get to enjoy VIP seats at the Jäynä Finalé nevertheless.

How to get started?

Taking part in the Jäynä Competition has never been this easy: just follow these tips and submit your team with the form on this page!

Participate in the Jäynä Competition!

Please see the rules of the Jäynä Competition and submit your participation latest 12 hours before execution. Tips for the jäynä ideation process and the official rules can be found here.

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